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Dog Warming Round, Plush Pillow Bed

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With over 23,000,000 dogs suffering from anxiety in America, why wouldn't you do everything you could to alleviate that for them?  

Dogs live in a fearful environment because of noise or pure separation anxiety.  Dogs are social and don't like to be left alone for long periods of time.  You see it when you arrive home - they act like you've been gone for weeks.

We need to create an environment so they feel safe and calm.  This plush warm bed will give your dog the safety and security he needs to feel - take away that anxiety.

This beautiful round dog bed comes in 3 natural colors that is a great addition to any room.  It's super soft and plush that will ensure your dog a restful sleep.  Comes in Pink, White and Gray to match any décor you may have.  


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  • Dogs love to curl up so this round bed is ideal!  With higher sides, your dogs head and neck will be supported along with his joints and muscle getting relief from the soft filling. Very comfy with faux, ultra-soft vegan fur mimics a dog's mother's coat.  It's what baby blankets are made from too!  This bed has deep crevices for your dog to borrow, which will make for a good sleep which will improve their overall health.  The bottom is water resistant so clean up is easy.

Dogs sleep just about anywhere but how would you like sleeping on a cold, hard floor?  You wouldn't get good sleep quality, your joints would hurt when you got up and you would for sure be grouchy!  It's the same for our dogs.  The roundness and softness of this bed is proven to ease anxiety in dogs.

This plush warm bed will give your dog the safety and security he needs to feel - take away that anxiety.  This is an ideal bed for dogs who love to curl up! It will also add a great design to any home.  And the best part is just toss the whole bed in the wash machine and dryer - it's that easy!  

Sizes vary:

  • Small = 10 lb dog
  • Medium = 20-25 lb dog
  • Large = 30-40 lb dog
  • XLarge = 45-55 lb dog

Plush Dog Beds
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