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Plaid Soft Pillow Dog Bed W/Detachable Mat Lounger

10-20 days

Let your dog sleep in comfort and style with this soft, stylish bed. This bed accommodates small as well as large dogs as well as everything in between, all with a detachable mat.  Choose from five colors: red, gray, beige, teal and taupe.  


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We know you love your dog - they're a part of your household - they're family!  So you want the best for your pooch to make them as happy as possible and keep to keep them healthy. 

You have a lot of choices in dog beds out there so softness, size, shape all play a part in your decision.  Some dogs love to curl up so a round one is best, while others lay stretched out like they own the place - go with a rectangle one.  And for the little ones, they are small but mighty - but they want to feel secure so a small one is best for them.

Sizes: XS (5.5 lbs and under) S (11 lbs and under) M (33 lbs and under) L (55 lbs and under) XL (66 lbs and under)

Plaid Soft Pillow Dog Bed W/Detachable Mat Lounger
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